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R&D Cocktail Lab

R&D Cocktail Lab位於台北市都會精華地段,周邊酒吧林立,以Research‧Develop:解構‧研發為經營概念,選用台灣在地新鮮食材作為研發材料,以無酒單的「特調」方式,重組饕客對於品酒味蕾的喜好與印象。
灰色低彩度的門面設計、分子鏈結的 LOGO,讓人無法從外而內窺視的神祕感,開啟 R&D Cocktail Lab 給予都會人士的第一印象。
如同 LOGO 的解構概念,設計融入英式酒館的元素,且滲入東方語彙,如牌匾、窗花、中藥藥櫃、紅磚⋯等,室內空間即在現代與復古、時尚與傳統、西式與東方既衝突但不違和,重新構組下展現獨到且專屬的風格特色。



設計上不以制式風格作為規劃主題的首要表現,而是揣摩 經營者主對於這個空間的熱誠與期待,繼而成為創意發想的元素與能量,在掌握到的 經營者模式下,將中國歷史上集本草學大成的著作──《本草綱目》其中章節字句,鏤刻於立面


R&D Cocktail Lab is located at Taipei’s prime section, surrounded by bars. Research‧Develop is run by the concept of deconstruction and creation. Employing Taiwan’s fresh food ingredients to be the materials for research and development, and providing “special blend” wine in a way of no wine list to reconstruct customers’ preference to and impression on the taste of wine.

The low saturation gray façade design and the molecular link logo make people unable to peep inside, creating a mysterious sense, which makes urban people’s first impression on R&D Cocktail Lab.
Similar to the deconstruction concept of LOGO, the design merges the English tavern elements with the Oriental vocabulary such as plaques, grilles, Chinese herbal medicine cabinets, red bricks and so on. Under the harmonious reconstructing modern and retro, fashionable and traditional, western and oriental elements, a unique and exclusive style is made.

Light band and mediums solve the flaw of architectural structure
The elongated-shaped architecture with three narrow stairs is decorated by the connection of heterogeneous mirror and metal materials plus the permutation and variation of height of tungsten lightings, which emphasizes penetration and extension. The light band brings forth the openness of circulation and vision, brilliantly improving the flaw of the original architecture.

Bar and scale expresses the culture of “companions of poetry and wine”
The scale of the bar on the first floor is not reduced because of the structure of the original inner area measure. Instead, it maintains the original height and depth, making the customers not only experience happy gathering time but experience more profound culture of wine as well. Behind the bar, the plague, “companions of poetry and wine,” decorated with grilles, Chinese herbal medicine cabinet, and mirror displays, researches and developments, and customizes flavor cocktails exclusively for you.

Designing unique style, producing the charm exclusively for customers
The design does not follow the regular style to plan the theme; instead, it presumes the operator’s enthusiasm and expectation on the space, which becomes the elements and energy of creative thinking. Realizing the operator’s store-running mode, the phrases and words in Compendium of Materia Medica, the collection of Chinese herbal medicines in Chinese history, are engraved on the vertical wall to echo the spirit of the entrepreneur—research, development, and deconstruct--- and produce customized charm exclusively for each customer.

The merge of the East and the West continues profound culture.
There are thousands of bar designs around the world. Under the dominance of modernity and avant-garde spirit, few people introduce profound and traditional culture to the design. As a result, knowing the operator’s operating concept and approach, the use of the engraved phrases in Compendium of Materia Medica, grilles, and Chinese herbal medicine symbolizes the integration of Chinese cultures over thousands of years, which is radically different from the present popular designing concept of bars.

R&D Cocktail Lab