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城隅.綠意 / 國泰一品 史公館





Natural art and harmonious generation
Field – Spaciousness
Cathay First Building I located in the alley of Duanhua S. Road filled with greenness, tranquility and leisure. It meets the dwellers’ demand in life through urban environment, accumulating the perception and experience of visual sensory. In an instant, the space becomes a specific embodiment of free will, thereby generating the spacious layout.

Landscape – Art
Habits in life integrated with the residence
The beam structure forms a 3D effect and under the matrix of modern geometrical lines, the opening route is divided where the corridor is planted with gallery concept to distribute the exhibition function in the lines. The encountering with dwellers offers enlightenment in space fantasy.

Greenness – Vigor
The outdoor balcony covering both the public and private areas is injected with vigor through the design of plantation wall. The visual routes from sitting or lying position can be set up with elevation to combine the thickness of material context with modern space tone, perceiving the abundant shifting of nature and time to bring different appreciation experience.

Light – Purity
The intellectual system arranges lighting with natural modulation due to time, place and people requirement. Under the various changes, a rich structure of layers is reflected to derive the rhythmic spaciousness and abundant vitality to turn the elegant residence into a castle that covers architecture, art and nature.

城隅.綠意 / 國泰一品 史公館