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Uniform Definition of Chroma.
When a person enters the space, he/she will be surrounded with grey scale shaped scenario that sufficiently presents the thinking logic and determination principle of space to allow the inhabitants to move along with spatial axis line. They then can appreciate the harmony between nature and art. Proportion, lines, and structure properly regulate emotions for the essence of life.

Layer Field of Materials.
Hue dimension interprets the so called fuzzy intermediate concepts such as ambiguity and co-existence, selection of media, and handling methods to show another characterization of continuous geometric space. Complete definition of attributes of each region has been done, and the layer depth between structures is then set up.

Translation of Artistic Concept.
The translation of life conception borrows the artistic color series, and elements are composed via abstract extraction. Art is used to replace excessive adornments to derive the natural contents of space and to re-construct dynamic and poetic aesthetics energy for integration of derived organic concepts from the interfaces.

Spacious Linkage of Lighting Atmosphere.
The design and shaping of light and shadow presents the maximum grandness to shape “the neutral space.” The design is not presented in a single format, but the spatial grandness composed by simplicity, serenity, warm, and considerate thoughts that give the inhabitants existing consideration and comfort.