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Linkage of Regional Context.
western culture of Shanghai international settlement is restored; through the relationship change between materials of hardware and light, the transparent effect in multiple layers has been richly created. With the minimized partition, the use of media has been reduced to the minimum level. The rest area has been kept spacious to link single design object in each arena and to present the grandness of the event site.
Harmony of Design Dimension.
With the rhythm of single object, the self-evidence of design dimension responsive to time and spatial culture becomes clear.
Under the matrix of modern geometric lines, the order is established to separate the spatial layer of functionality and event organization. With the transfer of glass media, inhabitants are met. Now it is not simply the design but also life culture that interprets the spirit of personality.
Artistic Conception of Light and Shadow Texture .
The vertical and horizontal dialogues remove, blur, or overlap boundaries and extend the existing texture connected with media. With the layer transfer of two spaces, functionality and event organization, leftover space has been integrated. The utilization of light and shadow, the life container of shape, material, color, and phase is created.
Transformation of Virtual and Reality .
The experience of environmental aesthetics and life aesthetics then is transformed into artistic conception, and the reshaped regional texture enables the removal of binary opposition and the possibility of diverse co-existence.
The designer attempts to initiate the dialogue between structure, materials, and instrument. The axial lines and nodes in both virtual and reality contents are hidden in the movement entrance to capture the intangible layer boundaries and to present the context of spatial sequence.